Arkanian Engineers

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Benefits & Incentives

Available Bonuses

The Arkanian Engineers has many projects planned for the near future, so we are offering a variety of bonuses to our new members.

Upon Entering The Arkanian Engineers:

  • 100,000 credit bonus for registering on the Arkanian Engineers forum.
  • 500,000 credit bonus for logging onto IRC and getting setup in #arkanian-members.
  • 500,000 credit bonus for graduating from the Royal Arkanian Academy.

Upon Graduating from the Royal Arkanian Engineers:

  • Level 1. Graduate from the academy - A DY-225, a combat knife, and a Corellian Power Armor will be made over to the member.
  • Level 2. Remain active for two months after graduation - A large backpack, a heavy belt, a multiple sensor pack, a crafting kit, a tool kit, and a R2 droid will be made over to the member.
  • Level 3. Remain active for five months after graduation - A YT-1300 or the option to produce one will be given to the member.
  • Level 4. 12 Months on your work record - A BFF-Bulk Freighter will be available for you to produce free of charge in one of our Shipyards.

Activity bonus

  • 1 Month-      one million credits
  • 3 Months-    five million credits
  • 6 Months-    ten million credits
  • 12 Months-  twelve million credits

Arkanian Trade Bursary

Members who have participated actively in the faction for one month are eligible to apply for the faction's trade bursary. The trade bursary program is design to help new members learn how to trade, and provides them with some credits to make investments and learn the ropes of training.