Arkanian Engineers

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Late in Year 7, Gavin Kaos, an Arconan working for SoroSuub Corporation, conceived the idea of a conglomerate of corporations working together to provide the galaxy with quality services and products at competitive prices. Seeing an opportunity to fulfill his dream, Gavin joined forces with Magnus Plaga, and founded a bank named Arkanian Enterprises midway through Year 8. ARK developed its reputation and became one of the most reputable banking companies in the galaxy. After becoming the first faction to become a New Republic private sector affiliate, ARK provided savings accounts, loans and investment services to the NR citizens and the galaxy at large.

During Year 9, Gavin and his Board of Directors planned a second faction to add to their growing empire. They founded Arkanian Trade Syndicate, which opened the New Republic Citizen's Commerce Centre, and offered the galaxy middleman and trade-related services. Hand in hand with ARK and under the leadership of Franco Nejo, ATS grew and developed. While expanding, ATS set up important operations in the Bpfassh, Antipose and Garos systems.

Eventually, the Board of Directors decided to close ARK and combine both of their companies into the ATS shell. ATS then joined forces with SarShen Spaceworks, Offworld Mining Corporation, and Phoenix Recycling Corporation and the Arkanian Conglomerate grew to new heights. After a year of serving the galaxy as a conglomerate, the High Command decided to merge their efforts, and once again everything was consolidated to ATS.

Late in Year 11, ATS decided to recreate themselves as a ship production corporation. ATS renamed to Arkanian Royal Engineers and continued to serve the galaxy by producing high quality ships, droids, items and vehicles. In Year 13, now firmly in control of the Bon`nyuw-Luq sector, Arkanian decided to reorganize and declare themselves as an independent government. Although this meant that their private sector agreement with the New Republic had to be severed, Arkanian continues aiding the Republic and its allies as a member of the Galactic Alliance.