Arkanian Engineers

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About Us

The Arkanian Engineers are an independent shipwright company operating from the Bon`nyuw-Luq and Hook Nebula sectors in the southern portion of the galaxy. Carrying on a tradition of excellence instilled by its parent factions, the Arkanian Engineers is a well-oiled machine with a thriving economy and a strong military presence. In addition to serving as the local government of Arbra, the Arkanian Engineers is a dedicated supporter of the Galactic Alliance in its war against the Empire.

The Arkanian Conglomerate took shape in Year 8, when Gavin Kaos founded a banking group called Arkanian Enterprises. Soon after, a sister faction named Arkanian Trade Syndicate was formed in Year 9. In Year 11, we decided to reorganize our group as the Arkanian Royal Engineers, a shipwright company and a private sector affiliate of the New Republic. In Year 13, our group was reinvented once again, as a government. The Arkanian Engineers currently carries on the close knit community, excellent efficiency, and high level of service that has come to be known by the name Arkanian.

The Arkanian Engineers is always seeking new members. We are especially looking for active sentients who display teamwork and initiative. Although we are glad to welcome veterans to our faction, we also are happy to train new members.