Arkanian Engineers

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Department of Arkanian Affairs

The Department of Arkanian Affairs runs two departments: Foreign Affairs and Member Resources. The Department of Arkanian Affairs is in charge of diplomacy, recruitment, and the incentive program.

Internally, the Department of Arkanian Affairs is charged with Member Resources which includes recruitment and administering the member incentive program. From the moment new members join the Arkanian family, these new members will likely be interacting with someone from the Department of Arkanian Affairs. Officials from the Department of Arkanian Affairs help new members through the academy, answering questions, tracking eligibility for incentives and ensures that everyone has found an avenue of employment within the Arkanian Engineers. Officials are often available to answer questions and help new members learn their way around the Arkanian Engineers and the rest of the galaxy. 

Externally, the Department of Arkanian Affiars is primarily concerned with negotiating, securing, and maintaining agreements and contacts for the Arkanian Engineers. The Arkanian Engineers's Embassy's are welcoming to all its distinguished guests.

If diplomatic assistance is required then please feel free to join #arkanian or join our forums. Correspondence is usually answered within 24-48 hours.


Gavin Kaos
Director of Arkanian Affairs
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